Burlingame Geriatric Dentistry - Senior & Elderly Oral Care Procedures

As we age, so do our smiles. For mature patients, proper dental care becomes more important than ever as individuals seek to prevent and treat dental issues. In Burlingame, family dentist Dr. Linna Golodriga is dedicated to helping senior patients maintain their oral health and function while protecting their smiles from dental issues associated with aging dentitions. By tailoring treatments to meet the unique needs of mature individuals, Dr. Golodriga is able to help senior patients keep their smiles healthier well into the future. 

Common Geriatric Dental Problems

Given the changes that occur due to routine wear and tear, aging dentitions face a unique set of dental issues. Changes such as decreased saliva production, enamel deterioration, and the thickening of the root surface can cause conditions that encourage bacteria growth, putting senior patients at a higher risk of decay as well as periodontal disease. These changes can also make detection more difficult, increasing the likelihood that patients may not seek treatment before damage is done to the dentition.

Additionally, senior patients are more likely to require restorations in order to reinforce or replace damaged teeth. However, improper use, failure to keep removable appliances clean, or improper placement can also put the patient at risk of developing serious oral health issues. These can range from an abscessed tooth caused by a failed root canal to the development of candidiasis or lesions caused by dentures that don’t fit properly. 

Caring for Older Smiles

At the family-friendly dental practice of Dr. Linna Golodriga, our mission is to ensure senior patients have access to effective care that prevents these chronic conditions from causing extensive damage to the dentition. To ensure lasting oral health, our Burlingame dentist recommends that senior patients visit our dental office every 3-4 months for a routine cleaning. During these appointments, our team is able to monitor the dentition, detecting and treating decay as well as periodontal disease, and provide helpful tips for at-home oral hygiene.

In addition to providing comprehensive preventive care, our Burlingame dentist also offers a number of restorative treatments designed to enhance the function of the smile without compromising the dentition. Included among these comprehensive restorations are:

In certain cases, more serious oral conditions require more specialized care. Patients undergoing treatment for oral cancer are particularly vulnerable to accelerated decay. At our Burlingame dental office, Dr. Golodriga consults with the patient’s oncologist to ensure consistent treatment and care. Oral cancer patients are often prescribed medication to encourage greater saliva production, preventing accelerated bacteria growth caused by the dry mouth side effect of radiation therapy. Following remission and the completion of radiation treatments, Dr. Golodriga works with a local periodontist to help patients regain full oral function.

Advanced Dentistry in Burlingame

Dr. Golodriga and her team are committed to helping patients protect their smiles at every age. For more information about specialized dental care for mature patients or if you would like to schedule an appointment, contact our Burlingame dentist today. 

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