I've been a patient of Dr G and her staff for over 17 years. The Doctor has always taken the time to clearly explain the work needed in terms I can understand and her staff helps me navigate the sometimes confusing intricacies of my insurance policy. I highly recommend them

Tom W.

-Burlingame, CA.

I have been a patient of Dr. Golodriga's for 15 years and she is the best dentist I have ever been to. She and her staff are professional, honest and friendly. The quality of Dr G.'s work is excellent.
I have had a number of procedures performed, ranging from simple cleanings to fillings to crowns.
Most recently I noticed that my teeth were crowding forward. Where I'd had straight teeth before, they were beginning to overlap, push out (I was beginning to resemble a rabbit) and x-rays showed stress lines. Dr. G. recommended Invisalign. I have one set (out of 13) of aligners left to go and my teeth are straight again, flossing is much easier and I'm no longer having scary "teeth dreams" where my teeth crumble and fall out of my head.
Thank you Dr. G.

Debbie W.

-San Francisco, CA.

Dr. Golodriga has been my dentist for over 20 years and her patient care and attention to detail are outstanding! I wanted to highlight how she encouraged me to get Invisalign aligners. I resisted her suggestion for a few years but I finally started this summer and i am glad I did because as usual...she was right. They are practically unnoticeable, my bite is already better, my teeth are less crowded and easier to floss, and the aligners don't interfere with speech in the least. Finally, they prevent teeth grinding during sleep. Highly recommended!

Eric B

-San Francisco, CA.

Wish I had done this long ago. Tried invislign and it gave me a cross bite and wore down my front teeth. I went to see Dr. Golodriga and asked if she could make my front teeth look better without grinding down or damaging my natural teeth. She is an artist. My front teeth look straight, natural, match my other teeth exactly and with no damage to my natural teeth. Amazing work and she took the time she needed to make it perfect.
Thank you to Dr. Golodriga and all of her staff who were warm, welcoming and knowledgeable.
Dr. Golodriga is just the best.

Ellen K.

-San Carlos, CA.

This place is hands down the best dental office in town!! I remember first needing assistance as I had moved to a new area and couldn't get in for an emergency tooth repair. When I called Joanna answered and told me she would find a way as Dr. G never wanted to leave someone in pain. Little did I know her, Ella, and Dr. G all stayed late that day to make sure I was taken care of. Fast forward to now and it's been a year plus of me going to have my cleanings and general dental needs met. You can tell how warm and caring they are and that they won't stop until they know you're happy with you smile! I highly recommend this place to all!

Shane M.

-San Mateo, CA.

A great, caring, competent, talented dentist. Such care and detailed work Dr. Golodriga provides! Her experience, the high quality of her work, and the care she shows for her patients all add up to remarkable dental care for her patients. Few professionals are able to combine such serious commitment to their work with such relaxed, comfortable interaction with patients. We feel quite lucky to have found her.

Keith B.

-Halfmoon Bay, CA.

Dr. Golodriga,

I am Ms. Thelma Harms’ dentist in Chapel Hill , NC . I want to thank you for being such a blessing to our patient. She was in real trouble when her existing bridge broke away from her teeth. You were so helpful and professional in handling her case. The amount of work and dedication to helping her is a real inspiration. Thank you for your obvious love of our profession.

Your lab did a beautiful job and your work was outstanding considering what you had to work with and the time constraints. She was very impressed and her travel ended successfully.

I am proud of dentistry because of dedicated dentists like you. God bless and keep up the good work!

Denny Ellis, DDS

We are retired and live in Nevada City in the Sierra foothills. For us a dental visit is a 175 mile drive and means we leave our home at 6 a.m. Why do we drive this distance to our dentist? Because of the quality of work done by Dr. Golodriga. She is a dedicated, sincere and honest dentist and we trust her judgement for our dental needs. Our teeth have never had better care. She's the best.

- Robert and Marianne B.

Nevada City, California

It's terrific having a caring dentist, like Linna, who's current in the latest dental care technologies.

- Doris M.

Patient & former Millbrae Mayor

Dr.Golodriga and her staff are about the best one can get in a dental office. You are not rushed and you feel that you are well taken care of. Besides the fact that everyone in the office is pleasant, the most important thing is that Dr. Golodriga cares about not hurting you.

Dr. Ray Kelly and Charlotte Kelly, RN

Ok... I'll admit it...when it comes to going to the dentist i'm a "CHICKEN" Dr. Golodriga and her staff have helped me conquer my fears and allowed me to receive excellent dental care. She is a wonderful dentist and I recommend her to all of my friends and family.

Jenny G.

South San Francisco, CA

Dr. Golodriga is great! She is funny, sweet and definitely a perfectionist! Even though I live in Palo Alto I go out of my way to see her. If you are in the area looking for a dentist, or even if you're not, I would absolutely recommend her!

Sara S.

San Francisco, CA

I love Dr. Golodriga. She is fun, entertaining and a perfectionist, which is good when it comes to your teeth. Her staff is always polite too. Would highly recommend Dr. G.

Kyle K.

San Francisco, CA

You are assured of the finest dental care from Dr.Golodriga. My family is greatfulfor her warmth, thoroughness and gentle approach. You could be confident in excellent results.

Len S., pt and retired school principal

I have been seeing Dr. Golodriga since she first came to this location here in Burlingame, and so have my father, mother and brother. She and her team have a very warm, friendly, and personable relationship with us, while maintaining a strong sense of professionalism and high quality of care. Recently my husband has also started having her take care of his dental needs, and is also very happy.

I have had several fillings and the Zoom whitening treatment done by her; these were recommendations that she carefully discussed with me about before doing them. Never have I felt pressured to do anything, and never have we gone through in having anything done right away that could "wait" (she is very careful to monitor certain situations and act upon them only when the time is right). Of course when I have had something done, I am always impressed with the results. And I am always happy with how she treats me: as an individual person, and not just another patient with a dental chart. I have told my friends and coworkers about her, and certainly would recommend the services of her and her staff to anyone.

Karen S.

This is some of the best medical care I have received. If you want a doctor and staff that genuinely cares about you like family then this is the place for you. Dr. G is the first dentist that recommended I use a soft bristle tooth brush. She also made a series of other recommendations that no other dentist has told me before that has really improved my own personal dental hygiene. It's nice to know these dental appointments are truly gifts that keep on giving thanks to this caring team. And remember "be happy, life is good," says Dr. G.

Leeanne B.

Dr. Golodriga and her staff are awesome! She's so informative and very friendly. Definitely recommended for your next dental appointment.

Vijay R.

Linna Golodriga and her team went above a we beyond to ensure my safety and peace of mind during my regular check up visit. The staff is so friendly and the office has a nice view too. I really appreciate all of the safety steps the office had like air purifiers in the lobby and chair as well as sanitation of everything I touched. Thank you!

Mallory W.

I have been going to Dr. Linna for more than 5 years now and I can truly say she is one of the best and knows how to listen to her patient's needs and concerns. I moved to the east bay 3 years ago and due to the commute-I decided to find a new dentist in walnut creek. I had a routine cleaning with my new dentist and after seeing the difference with care, I didn't hesitate to go back to Dr. Linna. Her warm personality with her desire to make you feel at ease is what makes her stand out from the rest. She is genuinely caring to her patients and only does the necessary dental work. Though I get anxious going to the dentist-she is always reassuring and gives me the time I need to feel more at ease and relaxed. I can say the commute is worth it!!

Jasmin A.

Switching dentists is like switching insurance brokers, you don't know what you're missing until you do! For years I dreaded going to the dentist, it was always an intolerable experience. Dr. Golodriga came highly recommended so I called to set up and appointment. The front desk staff was friendly and accommodating to my busy schedule, they even called they day before to confirm my appointment. Upon arrival I was greeted and taken to the "chair". Dr. Golodriga came in with her assistant and explained we would begin with x-rays. To my surprise this wasn't the antiquated x-ray process I was used to, quick, painless and not overly intrusive - you gotta love technology. Linna's assistant snapped a few quick photos and my dental report card was up on the screen. Dr. G came in, evaluated the film, and instantly put together a care plan. Once Dr. G began working I can honestly say I was impressed. She has a very soft touch and is meticulous in making sure everything is done correctly. After my cleaning, Dr. G fixed my two chipped teeth (in front), and that completely changed my smile. I had some fillings done on my next appointment, the second I cringed she added more anesthesia and made sure I didn't have any pain.

Overall, I highly recommend Dr. Linna Golodriga, she is a true professional who gives every patient undivided attention and holds herself to the upmost highest standards. Thank you for the great work!!!

Dima K.

I've been a patient of Dr. Golodriga's for over 10 years now and come from the east bay just to see her. This is a great practice, she is professional and I am always very happy with any work that she does. I would highly recommend her.

svetlana e.

If I could give more than five stars to Dr. Lina I would she is amazing she fit in mine crown in it fits perfect it matches no one can tell that it's a crown she is so gentle you'll never know what she's doing except she tells you every step of the way if I were to recommend anyone to a dentist it would be to Dr. Lena she is the absolute best

Diana K.

I have received excellent, highly professional care from Dr. Golodriga and her team. I so appreciate finding a practice that makes me feel welcome and puts me at ease.

Lori M.

I've been coming here since Linna has started the practice and she's been great. Very professional and cares greatly for her patients.

David P.

Love Linna! She has been our family dentist for about 10 years. She is very careful, highly professional, and transparent. Highly recommend.

Olga B.

I have been going to this location for 37 years and turned my husband onto this amazing staff of professionals. Lina is an expert at what she does, listens to your needs, and performs all procedures wonderfully! Jan, the receptionist always greets me with great conversation, shares her family photos, and genuinely wants to know how myself and family are doing. These women are more than professionals, they are family to us as they treat us like we are family too. Nobody likes going to the dentist, but knowing we are in such good hands with Jan and Lina, we are always eager and look forward to our appointments. Wonderful, kind, down to earth, genuinely fantastic people who care about their patients! We do not have any complaints whatsoever and highly recommend this dentist and her staff to everyone!

Amberlynn S.

Lina has been my dentist for 3 years. She takes great care of my and my husband’s teeth, including fillings, crowns and cleaning. She guided me through the Invisalign treatment, with great results. Once, when my husband called her at 9pm, she arranged an emergency root canal for 7am the next morning. Lina always makes sure we get the maximum benefit from our dental insurance. Friendly and professional team.

Emilia S.

Love Dr. Linna Golodriga and her staff! They are all very professional, honest, effective. Dr. Linna did a fantastic job with my crowns. I came here for my dental care and than I brought my family to come here for their dental works!

Stalina P.

I've been going to Linna for yrs.. She's great, really clean facility; that's important to me. Dr Golodriga is amazingly patient with me. Thanks Linna!

Mike K.

Dr. Golodriga has been treating me since 2018, during many different procedures. She has done a terrific job with me and, most importantly, the human factor. She gives you a warm welcome and you feel in a trusted and secure place. Joanne and her fellow staff are wonderful as well. I am 48 and I can tell you Dr. Golodriga is the best dentist I've ever had. Highly recommended by me.

Adalberto A.

October 9, 2021

I have been a patient of "Dr. Linna" for about 15 years.
I have taken the time to read all the Yelp reviews because I was curious if other patients think as highly of her as I do. Well, it's pretty impressive when people take the time to say so many good things about a person so deserving to receive the accolades. Without any hesitation I endorse and ratify every review. So much of what I was prepared to write a book about has been said. Since at the time of this writing, mine is the most current review, I can say "nothing has changed" -- you're still talking about a 5-star dentist, assisted by a 5-star small staff -- and a special "shout out" to Joanne, who has been there 17 years manning the front desk, and is always friendly, very efficient and often knows what Dr. Linna is going to say before she says it.

But let me add a few things not mentioned in the other reviews.

Start with courage. To leave her country of birth -- the USSR/Ukraine -- where you are born, raised, educated and working as a decreed mechanical engineer, to immigrate to the U.S. with very little other than a college education, and to start over by attending dental school in San Francisco, and then after sufficient practical experience to establish her own private practice as an entrepreneur, takes guts and lots, and lots of hard work and the willingness to take risk. To do all that, overcoming so many obstacles, but not to have it harden you, and, indeed, to end up being one of the kindest, warmest, most empathetic and FUNNIEST people I have ever known, is absolutely extraordinary. And, no pun intended, but she's patient, for I'm the type of patient that asks questions and likes to get a summary of what she intends to do before she begins her work. And then, like the confident yet modest expert she is, she provides me with the big picture and then all the details, right on down to the cellular level at times.

I've never had a dentist or doctor who sincerely cared so much about me as an individual patient and was so focused was on providing the best treatment possible.


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