Transform Your Smile With Our Burlingame Cosmetic Procedures

At the Burlingame dental office of Dr. Linna Golodriga, our mission is to help individuals achieve their ideal smile. Our Burlingame dentist offers a number of specialty cosmetic dental services that are personalized to enhance the aesthetic qualities of your smile as well the health and function of your dentition.

Beyond the Aesthetics

Cosmetic dental services frequently go beyond transforming the look of the teeth. Often, many of these aesthetic treatments are designed to contribute to the long-term health of the smile. In some cases, cosmetic dental procedures dually serve as restorative treatments, allowing individuals to regain total oral function. 

At Burlingame Dentist, cosmetic dental services are comprehensive procedures that address the many components that make up your smile. Through this multi-faceted approach, our Burlingame cosmetic dentist is able to provide patients with cosmetic treatments that remain functional and beautiful well into the future. 

Creating Your Cosmetic Treatment Plan

Prior to undergoing treatment, Dr. Golodriga walks each patient through the different parts of their treatment plan, ensuring that they fully understand what the expected outcome is. Depending on your dental needs and aesthetic aspirations, your cosmetic dental treatment plan may include just one or several of the following services:

Chairside Teeth Whitening with Opalescence: Unlike light-activated teeth bleaching systems, this treatment uses a special bleaching formula to brighten and whiten your smile. This unique formula is enhanced with potassium nitrate and fluoride to reduce tooth sensitivity while strengthening tooth enamel.

Veneers: In cases of deep intrinsic staining or damage, veneers may be the best solution to improving the shape and color of a damaged tooth. As veneers are made of porcelain, they are highly durable and are customized to blend in naturally with the rest of the smile. 

Composite Fillings and Bonding: While traditional amalgam fillings often left teeth looking grey and unsightly, composite fillings can be used to fill minor cavities and cracks on the teeth. As composite fillings are made from a biocompatible tooth-colored resin, patients receive a lasting cosmetic restoration that looks natural.

Invisalign®: This alternative to traditional metal braces provides patients with control over their orthodontic treatment plan. By using a series of clear aligners, Invisalign® discreetly moves misaligned teeth into a more aesthetic and functional position. 

Dental Implants: One of the more comprehensive restorative procedures, dental implants are frequently recommended when patients have lost a tooth due to trauma, decay, or infection. Dental implants may be used independently or as part of a larger full mouth rehabilitation plan. 

Full Mouth Rehabilitation: In some cases whether the dentition has been severely affected by trauma or decay, patients may require a large-scale restoration plan in order to effectively restore dental function and aesthetics. Working with a trusted local periodontist, our Burlingame cosmetic dentist develops extensive cosmetic treatment plans to thoroughly address vulnerable parts of the dentition and restore the smile. 

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Dr. Golodriga and her dental team are committed to providing patients with lasting smiles. Through our extensive cosmetic dental treatments, individuals can achieve their dream smiles while simultaneously improving their overall oral health and function. For more information about the cosmetic treatments offered at our Burlingame dental office, contact Dr. Golodriga today to schedule your next appointment!

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