We Offer Emergency Dental Services

Whether you have a toothache or have suffered an injury, it’s essential to receive treatment promptly. Any delay can turn an issue with a simple remedy into a complex problem that requires a more invasive procedure to correct. Do you have a dental emergency? Call us now!

What is a Dental Emergency?

The following are examples of dental emergencies:

  • Knocked Out Tooth
  • Severe Dental Pain
  • Abscess
  • Cracked or Missing Restorations
  • Broken Tooth

Should you experience any of the above symptoms or events, call our office and schedule an appointment to see us as soon as possible.

What to Do Before You get to Our Office

If your tooth has been knocked out (avulsed), locate the tooth and call us immediately. You must receive treatment within 30 minutes to have any chance of replanting the tooth. Gently clean the tooth with water and avoid touching the root. Try to place it back into its socket if you can, if not keep it in a clean container with a little milk or saliva.

For toothaches, call us for an appointment at the first sign of trouble. When you allow the pain to increase over time, you are also allowing an infection to develop. If left alone, decay can reach the inner pulp, increasing the possibility of necessary root canal therapy.  

If you suspect an abscess, call us right away. An abscess is a destructive infection that affects the tooth and soft tissue. You may recognize it by seeing small bumps in one area of your gums. This infection can spread rapidly and threaten other teeth and gum tissue. 

For Broken teeth and restorations, root canal therapy may be necessary to restore function. If we see you right away, we may not have to start from the beginning. If you need a new restoration crafted, we may be able to use your original impression and cut down your waiting time.

To ease discomfort, use over-the-counter topical and oral pain relievers. Also, an ice pack helps reduce any swelling.

Dental Pain Doesn’t Go Away on its Own

A toothache will rarely stop hurting without treatment, and dental emergencies never happen at convenient times. Call us as soon as you can for instructions on what to do for your specific case. We can help you recover quickly and achieve optimal oral health. 

Contact Us

We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Please call our office or use the quick contact form below.

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