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How to Protect Your Enamel

Learn How To Protect Your Enamel With Our Burlingame Dentist

Your tooth’s first line of protection is dental enamel. This thin covering of the tooth plays an important role in protecting the teeth from daily activities such as chewing, crunching and biting as well as preventing tooth exposure to harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures. However, routine wear and tear can damage to the enamel, leading to eventual enamel erosion.

To protect your smile from enamel loss due to bruxism, our Burlingame dentist Dr. Linna Golodriga recommends incorporating the following tips into your routine. 

I. Find a Stress Reliever: The clenching and grinding of the teeth are often triggered by stress or anxiety. Rather than taking out your stress on your smile, try integrating stress-relieving activities such as stress counseling, yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises. If your stress is anxiety-related, consider scheduling a visit with a counselor to develop anxiety-relief techniques.

II. Visit an Orthodontist: Inadvertent bruxism may also be the result of a poor bite. Consider visiting the dentist for an evaluation to determine the best method of correcting your bite. In addition to preventing grinding, orthodontics can also improve the aesthetics, health, and overall function of a patient's smile. In Burlingame, Dr. Linna Golodriga offers Invisalign® as a comprehensive solution for correcting bite misalignment.

III. Invest in a Night Guard: While some patients may experience daytime bruxism, others may find themselves grinding their teeth only at night. For these individuals, nightguards are specifically designed to prevent the arches from touching, protecting the enamel from the consequences of bruxism. While the outside of a night guard is made of fairly resilient acrylic, the inside is soft, ensuring a comfortable, solid fit.

IV. Watch Your Diet: In addition to opting for more calcium and potassium-rich food to prevent muscle spasms that can cause grinding and clenching, patients experiencing bruxism should also try to limit caffeine and alcohol intake. Both stimulants and depressants can intensify teeth grinding.

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At Linna Golodriga DDS, we believe that comprehensive dentistry includes all parts of your smile. At our Burlingame dental practice, we offer night guards and other bruxism relief treatments for our patients. To learn more about protecting your smile with this oral device, contact our dentist today.  


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