Children’s Dentistry in Burlingame, CA

Parents that bring their children to see a dentist at an early age get them started on the right path to good dental health. Burlingame dentist Dr. Linna Golodriga addresses many dental concerns before they start to prepare children for a future of beautiful, healthy smiles.

Good Dental Health Starts Early

It’s important for children to take care of their baby teeth to prepare for future permanent teeth. Baby teeth act as space holders for permanent teeth, creating an area for teeth to grow in properly. Furthermore, children need baby teeth to develop proper chewing and speech patterns.

If baby teeth are affected by dental issue while developing, children can grow to have abnormalities in their jaw, such as overcrowded or gapped teeth. It’s important for children to come in for routine checkups to allow Dr. Linna Golodriga to examine the current state of their teeth.

Services Burlingame Dentist offers include:

Calming Dental Anxiety

Many adults develop irrational fears of dentists that prevent them from achieving the help they need. This normally comes from bad experiences with previous dentists as a child. However, when children come to Dr. Golodriga early, anxieties are alleviated before they occur. It’s important to get kids into the dental office early to start building good habits as soon as possible.

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Good dental health starts early with building good dental habits. Bringing your child into the dental office as early as possible ensures a lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles.

For more information about what you can do to help your child get started on the right track to great dental health, or to schedule your appointment with Dr. Linna Golodriga, your local Burlingame dentist, contact our practice today!


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